Instructions for Editing

Here are some basic instructions for signing into the website, editing a page and adding a new news item. For further problems contact Ian. Note that clicking on the screen shots will enlarge them.

Before you can edit a page you need to click signin near the bottom of the page:

After signing it you will see edit buttons near the top of the page:

To add so called news stories you will need to go to the News Page and click the new post button:

Adding Images to the Text

You insert images to text by navigating to the insert menu in the top left and clicking 'Image'( see below):

After doing that you be able to select from images already attached as files to the page or you will be able to browse your hard drive for more( see below). Please note that we need to be careful about uploading large images from photographers that have worked for the fleet. Generous photographers like Cim Mcdonald allow low resolution images to be posted but NOT full resolution jpegs that are good for large scale prints. Lets respect this to maintain good will. Make sure you shrink jpeg before uploading.