Fleet 4 Boats

The information for each boat is very spotty at the moment. We hope to improve it over time and would welcome contributions from the owners. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive. It's simply a list of recently active boats that I'm (Ian) aware of. If you wish to be included in the list please email: communications@fleet4.ca

Sail Number
 158  Zig Zag
 Duncan Stamper, Kieth Provan
 642  Owl  Vidas Stukas
 900  Sunday  Mark Malleson
 1007  Shuttlecock  John Dewey
 1106  Kolus  Stephanie Bacon
 Red Line
 Kevin Moore
 1060  Cool Breeze
 John Edwards
 1075  Leprechaun  John Booth
 1115  Scooter  Keith Provan
 1116  Hocus  Bob Britton, Hugh Owen
 1132  Seahawk  Ian Gable, Gabrielle Vinay
 1139  Quicksilver  Doug Graham
 1140  Sirocco  Geoff Morrison