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Two Proposed Changes to Class Rules

posted Feb 4, 2010, 11:17 PM by Ian G   [ updated Feb 4, 2010, 11:51 PM ]
There are two changes being proposed for the class rules. The changes will be voted on during the February 13 AGM in Seattle. There is a online form for voting online
(which isn't working at the moment, more news about this later).

Change #1
Add allowance for a Kevlar type string genoa
9.1.1 No material other than woven dacron shall be used in the mainsail and headsails, except that the genoa may, alternatively, be made of dacron(polyester) substrate/mylar (polyester film) laminate, woven and/or laminated ply either polyester, HMPE or aramid may be used. No material other than woven nylon shall be used in spinnakers.

Change #2
Allow a loose footed mainsail
9.5 Mainsail
Delete section 9.5.3 in its entirety
9.5.3 The foot of the mainsail shall be attached to the boom by means of a track or a slot and meet riteria listed in Section 7.7. A lose footed sail is not permitted.

7.7 Boom
Delete section 7.7.4 in its entirety
7.7.4 Provisions for fastening the foot of the mainsail to the boom shall be so arranged that the sail foot describes a straight line along the fore-aft axis of the boom. A grooved boom which retains the mainsail foot bolt rope is recommended.