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Scientists Trying to Recreate "Big Bang"

posted Jun 29, 2009, 12:26 PM by Vidas Stukas
The experiments in trying to recreate the "Big Bang" continued this last Wednesday night.  It was thought that colliding two large masses at significant velocities would achieve primal conditions of the Fireball ( the original hard chine??!).  No primal curses were shouted, and only a couple of "boso(n)s" were created.  The first experiment , having the prestige of having an actual particle physicist on board as a non-Einsteinian observer, involved a "Leprechaun" with certain Strange quarks.  The particle generation was at best minimal attesting to the indestructibility of Boothian matter.  It could have easily been the reverse with Hocus-Pokus.
The second experiment, this last Wednesday night RTB, was possibly more spectacular, at least acoustically ( see previous report) and may have been intimidating to some.  Owl, which had its red shifted, did not see the point, whereas Scooter did.  Only one sorry boson was created in this experiment, proving that while matter could not be transformed, egos and pysches could, even in eminent scientists.
Vidas Stukas