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2010 Rum Race: all Rum and No Race

posted Dec 29, 2010, 7:12 PM by Ian G   [ updated Jan 1, 2011, 8:47 PM ]
Four Thunderbirds were ready and willing for this years highly anticipated THSA Rum Race this Boxing Day. Scooter, Zig Zag, Seahawk and Sirroco were ready to compete for the top T-Bird prize bottle of rum. Representatives from all boats were down at the Oak Bay marina and registered in time for 10:40 skippers meeting. At the skippers meeting the conditions looked about 20 knots southwesterly,  not the 30 to 40 called for at the 9 am Haro Strait forecast.
By the time everyone had driven back to RVYC things had come up at least 5-10 knots, elements of the race committee were standing near the top of the gangway watching the rising wind. By around 11:10 it was clear that things were getting worse, something well into the 30s. There was discussion about how the course could be adjusted given the very nasty sea state that was likely to prevail on the far side of Discovery Island. The race committee decided that there was no feasible way to change the course before the start and cancelled it outright. There was no grumbling from the crowd because at this point conditions had changed such that it looked like it could be exciting just getting off the dock.

Undeterred by both the conditions, and the race cancellation Scooter decided to go out for a fun sail. Just to make sure the rest of the The crazy buggers even sailed of the docs with a solid 25 knots blowing right at the slip. After making it to Baynes channel they managed to capture their Bird surfing in the following videos. The condition look to be at least 35 knots in a strong wind against tide. Scooter now has a Youtube Channel.

Meanwhile back at the docs the crews of Sirocco and and Seahawk decided to join forces to work on the aforementioned prize bottle of rum below decks aboard Seahawk. Shortly after that Scooter returned safely to the docks and the crew of all 4 boats piled aboard to continue the party.

Scooter in Baynes Channel 1

Scooter Surfing in Baynes Channel

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